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We are committed to providing you with complete solutions for your present and future savings options.
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Savings grow faster at 7.5% PA
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At Y-Save we understand that you have dreams and ambitions about improving the quality of your life.
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A World Class Financial Institution
To Contribute to the Effective Development of Our Clientele and To Impact The Society With Godly Values And Principles.
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Y-Save Objectives

To teach the members the culture of savings, Encourage members to save and use their savings constructively.To encourage its members to reach out and share the Gospel of Christ at their workplaces and within their community. read more

Core Values

God fearing, Integrity, Operational Efficiency, Customer Focus, Unity and Teamwork, Financial Wellbeing read more

To Be a World Class Financial Institution

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Our Products

Ideas that lead to new life

Target Account

Savings towards achieving a certain target.

Children's Account

This account earns an interest of 12% PA.

Personal Loans

All Your dreams need financing to become a reality.

School Fees Account

Benefits: Easy to open, Affordable, No account maintenance balance or monthly charges.

Medical Account

Best for members who do not have medical insurance or their loved ones.

Pensions Account

The money on this account earns an interest of 11% PA

Shares Account

Presently the price of the share is 35,000/=

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