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To Contribute to the Effective Development of Our Clientele and To Impact The Society With Godly Values And Principles.
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To teach the members the culture of savings, Encourage members to save and use their savings constructively.To encourage its members to reach out and share the Gospel of Christ at their workplaces and within their community. read more

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God fearing, Integrity, Operational Efficiency, Customer Focus, Unity and Teamwork, Financial Wellbeing read more

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This account earns an interest of 12% PA.

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Benefits: Easy to open, Affordable, No account maintenance balance or monthly charges.

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Best for members who do not have medical insurance or their loved ones.

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The money on this account earns an interest of 11% PA

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Presently the price of the share is 35,000/=

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How Y-Save works
To be part of the Y-Save savings group, you have to be a member of Watoto Church, but the church itself is not involved in the activities of the organisation.
“In as much as we are independent of the church, we would not do anything that is in contradiction to what it believes of practices”. “Unlike banks whose loans are profit-motivated, Y-Save is solely for the growth of our members whenever we lend them money. We will give you money to expand your business or buy an asset like land, but not a loan to buy a car or organise a wedding,” Kisuule explains. He says loans given to members are developmental and not burdens. They are good debts and not bad debts that may end up bankrupting a borrower. “The goodness about Y-Save is that the majority of the members are savers, not borrowers. Of the over 900 members, it is only 250 that have loans. We give 80% of one’s savings and if you want an amount more than your savings, you have to get guarantors,” he says.
Today, members have to deposit a minimum of sh100,000 every month on their savings account and maintain a minimum balance of sh2.5m non-withdrawable... Read more

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YSave Block 667, Suite A, Buganda Road Flats, P.O.Box 37191 Kampala, Tel: +256414250878, E-mail: admin@y-save.org
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