The Y-Save members get together and pool their resources to invest in different investment vehicles. These investment clubs run for a cycle of 5 years. One is eligible to join only if they are members of Y-Save.

The members agree on a monthly or annual contribution towards the club. The investment clubs encourage members to not only save but also invest their savings.



You can join any of our Investments clubs:

Agriculture Investments club

The Agriculture Investment club mainly focuses on investing in agricultural-related investment opportunities like farming, tree planting and sell of produce.

Real Estate Investments club

The Real Estate Investment club mainly focuses on investing in real estate-related investment opportunities like Land and rental businesses.

Securities Investments club

The Securities Investment club mainly focuses on investing in Securities like Treasury bonds and bills, company shares and many more.

Tourism Investments club

The Tourism Investment club mainly focuses on investing in tourism-related investment opportunities like Holiday trips with Uganda and outside Uganda, Honeymoon trips, family vacations and many more. Y-Save Safaris is an incorporated company of the tourism investment club.

Transport Investments clubs

The Transport Investment club mainly focuses on investing in transport-related investment opportunities like Hire of Vehicles for Company staff transportation, School trips and pickups, safari bus trips, family event bus rides and many more.


The Benefits include:

  • The Investment club present opportunities to members to invest some of their savings.
  • It provides an extra income source for the members
  • The members get an opportunity to invest in their passion.

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