About Us

Y-Save was started on 24th January 2000 initially as a saving & investment scheme by a group of Young Working people of the then Kampala Pentecostal Church (KPC) and now Watoto Church, called the Young Workers. At its inception Y-Save was called Y-Save Micro Finance Association.

Over time, the membership of the saving and investment scheme has grown to accommodate other church members who are actively involved in the activities and programmes of Watoto Church.

Y-Save got registered with the Registrar of Cooperatives in the Ministry of Tourism, Trade & Industry and it changed its name to become Y-Save Cooperative Savings & Credit Society Ltd on 26th November 2004. Due to the needs from the members of Y-Save to collectively get involved in other areas of business and investments, Y-Save changed its Legal status on 22nd May 2013 to become Y-Save Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd.

Since its inception, Y-Save has gone on to thrive and become one of the leading Cooperative organisations in Uganda. With integrity as its foundation, Y-Save believes in establishing godly financial principles which through centuries old, comprise the most dynamic and relevant vehicle for financial management, freedom and growth.

Vision Statement: "To Be a World Class Financial Institution."

Mission Statement: "To Contribute to the Effective Development of Our Clientele and To Impact The Society With Godly Values And Principles"

Board Members
The role of the board is to oversee the operations of Y-Save on behalf of the members, to whom they report annually at the AGM. In addition, the board is responsible amongst other things, with coming up with policies and guidelines for Y-Save.
        NAME                                                        ROLE

  1. Victor Walusimbi                                 Chairperson
  2. Paul Ssebirumbi                                  Vice-Chairperson
  3. Joseph Kaggwa                                   Treasurer
  4. Barbara Ochieng Kyomugisha           Secretary
  5. Aloysius Najeera Masaba                   Board Member
  6. Gloria Kyeyune                                      Board Member
  7. Harriet Ekude                                       Board Member
  8. Mugisa Hope Christine                         Board Member
  9. Richard Lutalo                                   Board Member
  10. Danstan Kisuule                                CEO (Ex-Officio)

Board Sub-Committee’s
In its operations, the board members are divided into four board sub committee’s which meet on a monthly basis to review Y-Save’s operations and make recommendations to the board and management as to what need to be done. These sub committee’s comprise of three people, two being board members and a third person who is co-opted on to the board.
The following are the members of the different sub committee's

  • Joseph Kaggwa - Chairperson
  • Mugisa Hope Christine
  • Simon Peter Kavuma (Co-Opted)


  • Richard Lutalo - Chairperson
  • Gloria Kyeyune
  • Jane Scovia Nanono (Co-Opted)


  • Joseph Kaggwa - Chairperson
  • Dr Dan Kyabayinze (Co-Opted)
  • Dr Barbara Buyondo Ofwono (Co-Opted)


  • Paul Ssebirumbi - Chairperson
  • Aloysius Najeera Masaba
  • Carol Kirumira Mwesigwa (Co-Opted)


  • Harriet Ekude - Chairperson
  • Barbara Ochieng
  • Douglas Nidoi (Co-Opted)


  • Victor Walusimbi - Chairperson
  • Joseph Kaggwa
  • Barbara Ochieng

The Supervisory Committee.
Its duties amongst others include: To make sure that Y-Save complies with the statute, regulations and constitution annual general meeting resolutions and policies of the board, oversee the performance of the board and management, Evaluate internal processes, to take care and process verbal or written complaints filed by the members.
The supervisory committee comprise of the following people:

  1. Andrew Senabulya               Chairperson
  2. Winifred Kakaire                   Secretary
  3. Dr. Simon Kalyesubula         Member

Management Support Teams
In area’s were Y-Save doesn’t yet have people to do the work, the organization uses the services of its members on a voluntary basis to do some of the official work on behalf of the management. The people who do this work are under what are termed as Management support teams, which are appointed and report to the CEO. In future some of the functions of the management support teams will be carried out by departments in the organization.
Presently, there are two management support teams and these include:

  • Property Management support team.
    This was set up to have independence in evaluating property to be bought by Y-Save and also the property to be used as security by the members to acquire loans. This support team has the responsibility of doing the physical inspection of the property and to ascertain its value
  • The Prayer support team.
    It has the responsibility of organizing the prayer meetings of Y-Save plus coming up a monthly prayer guide for Y-Save.

Staff Members
Y-Save has Eleven staff members

  • CEO – Danstan Kisuule
  • Accountant – Robert Musuki David
  • Administrative Executive – Dorothy Namirembe Mwesigwa
  • Senior Accounts Officer – Dorothy Sumbatala Evelyn
  • Loans & Business Development Officer – Joweria Kayongo Namiiro
  • Loans & Business Development Officer – Lawrence Kyebanja
  • Marketing Officer  –  Ritah Bugingo Nabbale
  • Communications Officer - Barbara Asaba
  • Accounts Officer – Susan Arogo
  • Assistant Administrative Officer – Bernard Kiyimba
  • Support Staff – Ruth Muwanga