Personal Loans

Y-Save Loan Amortization
personal loan

At Y-Save we understand that you have dreams and ambitions about improving the quality of your life. We know that you would for example like to buy new furniture or buy a plot of land, fund opportunities or emergencies. You may also be planning to study for your Masters or parallel degree or any other grand dream you may have. All these dreams need financing to become a reality. That's why Y-Save offers you a Loans account to enable you fulfill your dreams and live your life to the full.


  • We offer loans to only account holders.
  • Our loans have a reasonable interest rate of 18% PA or simply 1.5% per month, calculated on a reducing balance basis.
  • The amount disbursed to a member is 80% of the security they have
  • Security for the loans is tagged to the member's savings, shares, or guarantor ship by other member's savings or shares.
  • Members' assets for example Land titles can also be used as security for the loans.