Children's Account


Nothing is more important to you than your children. With our children's account, you can help your children save for the future while inculcating in them the culture of saving.
At Y-Save we understand that securing your children's future is important to you and that's why Y-Save has the children's account.
Access to money on this account is only when the children are over 18 years. This account earns an interest of 12% PA, and the interest compounding itself annually until the expiry period.

The benefits include:

  • There are no monthly account maintenance fees
  • Unrestricted free deposits
  • Free Statements
  • You can open an account for each of your children.
    • NB: The following should be noted when opening the account:

      • The Parent/guardian will be required to complete and sign a children's account opening form
      • Come with one (1) passport size photo for the child
      • The account will be in the child's name with the parent(s) or guardian as trustee (s)