Pensions Account


Everyone needs to plan ahead for retirement. People are living longer and have healthier lives, so it is more important to consider your retirement income today than ever before. Yet, too few of us understand the real facts about pensions. A pension is a long-term investment designed to provide an income in retirement. You make contributions to your individual account

Therefore in addition to ones NSSF (National security Fund) money or work based provident funds/gratuity schemes, our pension account is for members who would like to put aside some of their savings specifically for future use. This money can only be accessed when the members are over 50 years old. The money on this account earns an interest of 11% PA, and it compounds itself annually until maturity of the money on the account.

Though it not being the only solution, investing in a pension account can form an important part of your planning for retirement and the benefit with our pension account is that we accept regular contributions, single contributions and transfer payments from members’ bank accounts through direct debits and other bank transfers.